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Coffin Shape Resin Gothic Container

Coffin Shape Resin Gothic Container

If you're looking a unique style as gift item or personal use as jewellery box, then this coffin shape resin gothic container could be your ideal pick.

It features attractive rose design on the lid. Some people buy it due to its aesthetic appearance. Being said that, it can be used to keep your trinkets or loose change. There are people use it in Halloween wedding to hold the rings.

Its lid comes completely off. In case your items are slightly bigger than the storage space, you can still cover it by having the lid on top of the box.

Well, you may wondering how big it is. The measurement is 6.25" x 2.5" x 1.5". This size is just right for you to put on your vanity.

Obviously, it is not a Halloween decoration item. Do not hesitate to click the following link if you're looking for a life size coffin prop for your Halloween party decoration.

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