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Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder with Plastic Wrap and Foil Dispenser

Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder with Plastic Wrap and Foil Dispenser

This multipurpose wall mounted paper towel holder with plastic wrap and foil dispenser is the ideal pick to hang above your microwave or the area where you always stand to place plates and other dinnerware. It is so convenient for you to easily get an aluminum foil for grilling or a piece of plastic wrap for wrapping your food.

You'll notice there are a total of two dispensers and each of them has a sliding cutter if you look at the picture closely. This convenience feature definitely helps in quick trim and dispensing of foil or plastic wrap while you are preparing food or doing food storage.

Needless to say, this is a space saver item. It actually comes with four functions. Beside the holder for the absorbent paper that used for wiping up liquids in kitchen and built-in dispensers for aluminum foil and plastic wrap, it also reserves space on top for you to organize your spices.

In case you need bigger storage space for spices or can foods, freestanding paper towel holder with multi-layers storage shelf will suit for your daily usage. Alternatively, do not hesitate to click on the picture on this page for exploring more details about this holder and get to know other customer reviews.

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