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Luggage Shaped Functional Decorative Ceramic Teapot

Luggage Shaped Functional Decorative Ceramic Teapot

Let’s begin a day with a cup of water pouring from this whimsy luggage shaped decorative ceramic teapot.

Most people thought that it just an additional item for kitchen décor. In fact, you can use it as a normal pot if you want.

Obviously, it is not suitable for serving guests due to its capacity limits. Being said that, it still is a practical container for drinks and enough for a person to enjoy a cup of hot tea.

When you are tired or feel bored after tedious work, pour out water from this unique pot. It will make you have a delightful mood by giving you lots of imagination with its suitcase appearance. You may recall your sweet memory of your last trip when looking at it.

If you love this kind of whimsy dishware with bigger capacity, then do not hesitate to pick one from this cute animal themed teapots.

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