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Vintage 1900s Phone Motion Activated Halloween Decoration

Vintage 1900s Phone Motion Activated Halloween Decoration

This vintage 1900s phone the motion activated Halloween decoration is something you can't miss if you're having a party. It helps to dress up your party and boost up the spooky atmosphere.

This old fashion stuff makes it feel like the place used to be owned by rich owners whose restless spirits still wander around where they once lived.

You can simply place it on the fireplace table or hang it on the wall. It will be better if you place this old fashion stuff in the dark room as it will turn the room into a haunted house in no time.

When you walk by it and hear the noises that comes out of this phone, it seems like the spirits are on a phone call and you accidentally eavesdropped. It is perfect to place the ornament anywhere next to ordinary household items for getting the full scary effect.

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