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Spooky Changing Face Monochrome Portrait with Frame

Spooky Changing Face Monochrome Portrait with Frame

This spooky changing face monochrome portrait with frame gives you a different sight when you're watching it from a different angle. Just make a move and adjust your sight angle then you'll see the horror effect of the photo.

It is similar to some motion-activated Halloween props that look like an ordinary item but it could could scare people when people inadvertently seek it.

The border of the photo comes with some pattern design that makes it looks more like an ancient photo. It could make your guests immersed in a terrifying and surprising atmosphere.

This is because they never expect a horror image to appear from an ordinary old photo when they are looking at it from different angles.

Thus, it is an ideal pick if you would like to create a terrifying atmosphere for a Halloween party or haunted house with the art of surprise.

The size of the photo is 10.4 x 15.2" which can be hung on a wall or lean against something on a tabletop. It made of waterproof PVC to prevent moisture and anti rust. So, it's ease for you to clean it.

The package includes two set of photos that definitely recreate the festival atmosphere of mystery and horrible.

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