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Spinning Severed Head Animated Halloween Prop

Spinning Severed Head Animated Halloween Prop

Look no further than this animated severed head Halloween prop if you would like to have something creepy that frightening your guests and make them scream while running away.

It has more than just a creepy expression with its waxy face and ghastly hair. It not only turning at 360 degrees for a dizzying scare but also making a frightful sound to boost up the spooky atmosphere to the max level.

Be aware! Don't look at its flashing eyes. Its empty stare would make your hair raising. When it's being activated by any sound or touch by someone, it is turning while making spooky sounds.

It definitely is something you can't miss if you want to decorate a haunted house this Halloween season. Hang it from the ceiling of a hallway and let it turning and make eerie sounds to scare your guests.

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