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Inflatable Giant Spider with Magic Light for Halloween Decor

Inflatable Giant Spider with Magic Light for Halloween Decor

This inflatable giant spider Halloween prop makes your decoration have a spooky feeling yet full of delightful atmosphere.

When it is standing up with its full size and power on, it turns to be a very attractive decorative item. You just can't ignore it because the magic LED light on its abdomen will shift give it's surrounding a shimmery effect.

It definitely is the best Halloween decor if you have young kids at home or the best decor for a trick or treat party. It is neither scary nor creepy. It is just fun and exciting (scroll down to watch it in the video).

It is a very big Halloween decor but it only takes one minute for it to become its full size. Because of this, it is a very last minute prep if you need it urgently.

The lights on the abdomen are very fun to watch. It has a very cool kaleidoscope color to it. These colors and shapes are eye-catching especially for children during the Halloween season.

It can also withstand the outdoor environment with ease. Which means, it can go on grass and on stone. Due to it being inflatable, it is very convenient and easy to store.

Last but not least, it can become a big size toy.

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