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Red London Phone Booth Waterproof Refrigerator Door Sticker

Red London Phone Booth Waterproof Refrigerator Door Sticker

You might feel your house is full of dull ambience when all the seasonal decoration items were taken down after a festival was over. Let’s apply a red London phone booth waterproof refrigerator door sticker for adding a vivid touch in your kitchen where a place you’re in every day for preparing daily meals.

This vinyl decal comes with a self-adhesive backing that easy to peel and apply on the fridge’s surface. It is removable and moisture-proof.

A cover that features a British telephone kiosk will turn your fridge from a tedious look to an amazing illusion. It could be an interesting topic as well when your guests step into your kitchen.

You can use it throughout the year and add-on some seasonal decorative items such as a snowman appliance handle cover set when Christmas is around the corner. Alternatively, you may add-on spider Halloween prop if you would like to create a spooky ambience during October.

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