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Christmas Countdown Calendar and Snowman Appliance Handle Covers Set

Christmas Countdown Calendar and Snowman Appliance Handle Covers Set

What the wonderful package that contains a Christmas countdown calendar and 3 pieces of snowman appliance handle covers. Stick the calendar on the refrigerator door with its own magnet while putting on covers to refrigerator handle. The extra piece attaches to the oven handle.

You’re done by adding a holiday touch to your kitchen. This set is the most economy and easy way to enrich the festive atmosphere in a place where you are in every day for preparing meals.

You can turn the adorable snowman’s nose for counting down while you are drinking a cup of water in the early morning.

Whenever you open the refrigerator’s door, you’ll feel like the lovely snowman is wishing you a happy holiday. They not only do add a touch of festival excitement but also protect your refrigerator and oven’s handle from scratches.

They match perfectly with my red and white kitchen towels. They are one of the best inexpensive Santa gift ideas for friends as well.

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