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Red Christmas Tree Skirt with Plaid Trim and Welcome Sign

Red Christmas Tree Skirt with Plaid Trim and Welcome Sign

Let the red Christmas tree skirt with plaid trim and Welcome sign greet your guests when they step into your house. It is definitely is the best choice if you are placing your Xmas tree next to entryway or porch.

(p/s: sometimes it's out of stock and you may consider another with similar pattern by clicking this link.)

I love the festive design on this linen fabric. It features lovely snowman and Santa Claus holdings Welcome sign. Better still, it comes with little 3D effect rather than flat design. The vivid design pattern boosts holiday cheer even though it just a cover around an artificial tree stand.

Your guests would get into the joyful festive mood when stepping in and being greeted by both merry snowman and Santa.

You may consider putting light up Christmas presents on top of it. The additional shiny adornment will make your Xmas tree look more charming. You make complete your decoration by having a fiber optic colorful angel Christmas tree topper.

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