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Pineapple Table Lamp cum Fan

Pineapple Table Lamp cum Fan

I was accidentally found this unique pineapple shaped table lamp cum fan while I am sourcing free-standing light fixtures. It offers extra illumination and provides a breeze when you need it at home. Apart from its practical functionality, it can be an attractive display item to boost your room decor, don’t you think so?

The fan comes with common features as you can find in ordinary ventilator include airflow speed control and oscillating option. It turns from a normal electrical appliance to a stunning home furnishing with a tropical fruit shaped base.

Now it does not only helping air circulation and giving you light breeze in a room but also add an elegant touch to your room with its fascinating nightlight. Better still, it is space-saving home furnishing as it combines few roles into a single piece.

Did I mention the material of the charming light up base? It is featured Tiffany-inspired mosaic glass pattern that makes it looks gorgeous especially the moment turning on. You’ll gain tons of compliments if you place this pineapple table lamp cum fan in your living room.

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