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Flying Witch with Broomstick on Top of Pumpkin Personalize Trophy

Flying Witch with Broomstick on Top of Pumpkin Personalize Trophy

Say goodbye to those ordinary award medals if you’re sourcing an attractive and thoughtful one for the Halloween costume contest or any other contest held during this season. This flying witch with a broomstick on top of a pumpkin personalize trophy is the ideal pick as a decorative object awarded for a victory.

Look at the picture. It features hand-printed sorceress wearing the purple cloak and pointed hat riding over an orange color Jack-O-Lantern that comes with a big smiling face. Both of sorceress and Jack-O-Lantern are classic decorative items of the festival.

It is about 9 ¼ inches tall include the orange column and the piano-finish base. The attached metal plate is ready for you to customize any phrases that best suit for your event. This unique handmade award recognition prize definitely will be the hit of any Halloween theme contests.

You may also grab flying witch prop and pumpkin ornaments to decorate your party venue in order to embrace the festival spirit.

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