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Red and White Happy Mother’s Day Throw Pillow Gift

Red and White Happy Mother’s Day Throw Pillow Gift

This year I decided to use this red and white Happy Mother’s Day throw pillow, a gift from my son, as a decoration item in my living room.

This 100% cotton canvas pillow cover features compelling embroidered letters to express a happy wish for Mother’s Day. My son gifted me two with different background colors. One is a white background with red words as you can see in the picture here. Another one is a red background and white words. You’ll see it when you click the button to check the price at Amazon.

Putting the two of them together on a sofa would be the simplest Mother’s Day decoration ideas for a small living room. It is also easy for me to pack and store after the celebration day.

For me, they are multi-function items. I love to hug them while I am watching TV. At the same time, these decoration items are constantly reminding my husband to arrange a special dinner on that day itself.

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