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Coffin Shaped Wall Mounted Holder

Coffin Shaped Wall Mounted Holder

This coffin shaped wall mounted holder looks cool. The bat cut out adds a sense of mystique. It's not just a spooky decorative item for Halloween decoration.

People especially those who are just plain fond of the eerie would like to have it as part of their shelves that help in stuffs organizing.

This study hook is build with premium pine wood. You can hang either keys, hat, towels, hat or shawls on it. As it does not comes with creepy design, you can have it in your beedroom to add some marvelously freaky style.

Am I mention it is a pair of hooks? Some people install it in separate room. But I personally found that it looks better if install at same area. It will adds a sense of enchantment that will add to the existing aura of any room.

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