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Blue Globe Jewel Lookalike Hanging Lamp Pendant Fixture

Blue Globe Jewel Lookalike Hanging Lamp Pendant Fixture

I am sourcing pendant fixture that featuring lantern style for my small lounge nook as an accent light and found this blue globe jewel lookalike hanging the lamp.

At one glance from the far distance, it looks like a charming jewel. The sky color spherical lamp’s shade that featuring star pattern always giving me a lot of imagination space about the universe.

It is not only attractive in the night time. In fact, it is pretty during day time whenever reflecting by sunlight. At night time, it makes my lounge nook full of a peaceful feel.

As my lounge nook is just a small area and so a single pendant fixture is perfect for brighten that area. You may have group few pendant fixtures and make it hung in string style if you’re installing in a bigger room. Better still, you can contact the seller to customize your own by selecting a different pattern of the lampshade.

Do not hesitate to click the link of colored glass pendant lights if you would like to explore some other options of pendant fixtures before making a buying decision.

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