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Ghost Spinning Battery Operated Tabletop Candle

Do not hesitate to grab this ghost spinning battery operated tabletop candle if you’re looking for an easy way to celebrate Halloween in the office or as part of your decoration.

Yes, I personally found that it is an ideal pick to be placed in the office for embrace the holiday spirit. It has no much spooky elements but yet it features iconic symbols such as grave under a weird black tree as well as white color ghost.

Thanks to its built-in motor that makes the Halloween theme picture is revolving when being turn on. Look at the video below and you’ll notice how vivid it is.

Let’s enhance the Halloween atmosphere by utilize this battery-operated candle that creates a vivid scene of spinning ghosts.

As its name implies, it is powered by three AA batteries and so no smoke and no mess of dripping. It could be a creative gift for friends, especially during October, don’t you think so?